I have 3 BRAND NEW XL Sohoeva binders for sale, 10 bucks a piece. or all 3 for 30 dollars.

They are the buckle ones, I can provide pics if needed. The only reason I’m selling them is because I got the wrong size and they ended up being too short. I have 2 black and 1 white.

Send me an ask if you’re interested.


Q:Hi! I bought my first binder from Sohoeva and I think my weight required me to get a binder two sizes above my actual measurements. I was really happy with it at first, but after a few days realized that it didn't do all that much (but then again I'm about a B/C cup and was hoping to get perfectly flat) and it was fairly lose under my chest (it's really comfortable though and easy to put on). I then got a Tri-top from Underworks that binds much better (and has a much better sizing system).


(cont.) If like me you have a difference of two sizes, I say go for the middle one; if your weight is one size up, you might want to go for the smaller one (or just buy a cheap binder from them first and see how that size works out before getting a more expensive one; I got the salmon belt buckle binder which was twice the price of the exact same black/white version. Now I’m considering buying a black version a size smaller as a spare binder).

Thanks for the feedback, I decided to get the black/white uhm I forget what type exactly but it fastens from the side, they were having a sale and it was much cheaper. From the reviews I’ve seen it doesn’t seem like the bind perfectly, but I have a full length and tritop binder from Underworks, I was just looking for something for when my shoulder acts up (I have joint issues) that would be easier to put on.

I  ended up going with my chest measurements and ignoring the weight, simply because I’m very tall and it didn’t work out, but if I do like it and the sizing is off I’ll try what you suggested.

I ended up getting 3 binders for 27 bucks..so hopefully they aren’t /that/ bad, but..I guess I’ll find out.

I agree tho, Underworks does have a better sizing system.


Sohoeva binder problems??

wait what does weight have to do with chest size…this is just like..its not even a full binder its like the tritop.

i’m fucking 6’1..and what if you were really short and lighter and it didn’t fit your chest size?? why would my chest size have to do with the weight anyways??

Has anyone ever really dealt with these binders before..

please tell me how to decode this. Like I REALLY love the style, but my weight and chestsize and all that just..what.

Its 4 am. I really am I missing something?


Binder questiooons time.

I have a tritop and a double front compression binder, both which bind well for me and work good. My only problem with the double compression one is that it rolls up and makes this elastic tube and no matter what I do it does that.

So I was wondering if any of you have tried any of the velcro binders? Do they bind as well, do they feel comfortable? I’m honestly looking for something that..looks like a tanktop just something..normal?


Binders smell nice..

At least.

My binder

smells really nice

I just washed it..

and it has that new binder smell.